The Crystal Tower – Cityscape Awards finalist 2020

The Crystal Tower has been recognized as a distinguished finalist for the Best Mixed-use Architecture Project category at the esteemed Cityscape Awards. This accolade underscores the project’s exceptional innovation and its potential to redefine the skyline of the New Administrative Capital, Egypt.

Harmony in Urban Living: 

Surrounded by the dynamic scenery of the New Capital, the Crystal Tower exemplifies the seamless blend of commerce and administration, This mixed-use complex, strategically located on the main administrative axis and overlooking a bustling traffic square in Zone MU 23, Land plot D5, epitomizes contemporary urban living.

Inspired by Nature, Defined by Crystals:

Nature serves as the guiding muse for the Crystal Tower. The design draws inspiration from the elegance and clarity of crystals, infusing the complex with a unique and iconic identity. The crystallized towers, with their ultra-modern aesthetic, not only elevate the New Capital’s skyline but also establish the Crystal Tower as a landmark, setting new standards for the administrative area’s architectural designs.

Sustainable design:

Environmental consciousness intertwines seamlessly with architectural splendor in the Crystal Tower. Innovative environmental treatments have been employed to mitigate the southern elevation’s impact on the indoor environment. Specially designed panels act as self-shades, ensuring that the interior spaces are bathed in natural light while minimizing heat and glare. This commitment to sustainability enhances the overall quality of the complex, making it a model of eco-friendly urban development.

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