YEAR 2013

CLIENT AMAS Real Estate Developer – Sabbag Group

BUILT AREA 1527 m2

SCOPE Concept Design


Bassem Nour, Hossam Ahmed

Mostafa Mamdouh, Nader Fouda

Ramy Mamdouh, Sherif Tarabishy


Providing maximum space size and quality, setting up the privacy relations via environmentally-conscious building.

In today’s world, growing investments that are induced by the acceleration of financial competency brings along the density in building scale. In that context, MRH Towers project was initiated with the aim of providing maximum space quality and setting up the privacy relations via environmentally-conscious building. Given 1527m2 land contains two residential building that no more caters for the user requirements. In that project generic high-rise building typology is questioned that involves towers with linear dominant commerce base. A continuous green spine between two extruded masses emphasizes the inviting entrance, creates recreational space, increases the hotel’s facade surface and lastly refers to the previously existing two residential masses. Over the created mass; parametric shell is integrated in order to optimize the daylight usage, highlight the entrance and finally control the privacy.



Relating the large urban scale to building scale in detail with a close-up. Creation of a façade that is rich and finely tuned to shade the interiors and provide high-quality living spaces.




The tower outline is formed following the trace of previous self-standing residential units’ masses online-apteekki.com. After the creation of continuous green spine between two extruded masses, parametric shell is integrated whose geometry is optimized with heat analysis studies special to the location.