Dyar Al-Haifa


YEAR 2017

SCOPE Facade & Landscape Design

DESIGN TEAM  Mostafa Mamdouh, Hisham Tarek,Meryem Kubra & Ahmad Hasan


An innovative and functional façade design to unify four-family villas architecturally.

The garden contains four separate houses for different families that have distinct habits and requirements. The project concerns about the adaptation of daily habits to the architectural environment. As per the client’s request, the Mediterranean architectural style is preferred in the facade and landscape design. The wooden planks that are well-appreciated Mediterranean architectural elements are preferred in warm tones. Required privacy and daylight control are maintained with user-adjustable wooden planks. As a result, constantly changing and dynamic facade is granted.


Working with already built architectural elements to find a common ground to unify four self-standing volumes.


The garden walls in the middle volumes, are removed to create an undivided harmonious landscape for future use of the families. Masses that have proximity to the main gate and in a closer relationship with the landscape are selected to be applied significant architectural elements on. Selection of significant architectural elements differs according to the functional requirements such as more privacy in the first floor (with louvers) and maximum transparency provided (with glass) on the ground floor.